Flying Duck

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The Loft

Room 4 of the Flying Duck

The upper bar room, known by the regulars as 'Room 4' from days of planning the refurbishment, is now known as 'The Loft and has been designed to give the feel of an urban wine bar - even though the original timbers in the pitched roof makes the antiquity of the building immediately clear.

This room is available for private functions, free of charge.

In the upstairs bar, there is a wide selection of wines, spirits and cocktails. The wines are selected by Martinez of Ilkley and more details can be found on our drinks page.


Upstairs bar in 'The Loft'; Room 4 of the Flying Duck


The sun-terrace at the Flying Duck.  Sun is not guaranteed, but for chilly evenings, there is heating.


The red wine board.  Look out for specials.


Cocktails at the Duck - 'The Loft' is the only Cocktail Bar in Ilkley that is next to a brewery. Best of both worlds


This is an ideal arrangement for groups or couples who cannot decide whether to go out for a cocktail before dinner, or have a decent pint. 

Or deciding whether to spend an evening sharing jugs of Long-Island Ice Tea  among friends or have a speciality beer.  

Choices include a selection of gins and other spirits with mixers.  Even if Room 4 is being used for a private function, these drinks options can be ordered at the main bar.